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I don’t want to get married until I further my iman.

Why am I talking about marriage, well it is because I ALREADY have Muslim guy ‘problems.’ RIGHT?! it has been a month since Shahadah and they have already rolled in and I am already taken by charm. 

The shaytan is out and I need to build up my walls. 

Here is the dish:

There is this guy that I have known for several years, I have had no clue he was Muslim until recently. Partly because we never talked much in high school and secondly he never spoke much in high school. But I was always intrigued with him for some reason. Anyways he must have been intrigued with me as well because I was invited to his house for Eid dinner with his parents. 

It went amazing. Alhamdulillah! However yes he is somewhat familiar and I am drawn to him, I feel as if his iman isn’t as strong as I would be comfortable with nor will we have those silly moments with him like Noah and Allie from the Notebook. (Yes I just used real life against the Notebook, lol.)

And then I met another guy, I have only seen him in person three times: when I met him at a group dinner with a bunch of my peers, across the parking lot at the masjid, and I ran into him for a few minutes at the tennis courts at the student housing I reside at. He is shy, charming, “prays I will have all the good,” and stated that I have the qualities that he is searching for in a wife. Cons, he is the only one in his family that is in the States and I don’t really know him. For all I know he is just putting the moves on me and he does this with every other girl he meets. 

My biggest problem is myself. I am not sure what is best. I don’t know if I can make this big decision, this life decision ever! Why do I think I could make it now. These amazing guys have shown so much compassion and a high level of respect I know who ever either ends up with may Allah swt grant them happiness and may He show me what path I shall take inshallah, whether it be one of these men or neither. I am worried I will make the wrong choice.

Half of my faith is suspended within reach, however I am not sure if it is my time to grab the reigns.

***Sorry I didn’t proof read this. I am exhausted!***